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An Event Planner’s Guide to Finding an Outdoor Event Venue

As an event planner, designing and delivering a successful event requires a significant investment of time, effort and resources – finding a venue that will bring your vision to life is essential. Some aspects of an outdoor event just can’t be recreated indoors. Choosing an outdoor event venue requires a bit more forethought and additional planning. Every event planner aims to create a memorable experience for guests, so we have compiled a list of things to consider when choosing an outdoor for your event in Dallas.

Accessibility at an Outdoor Event Venue:  

Hashing out the logistics of an event well in advance will help things run smoothly the day of the event. This means that when you visit the outdoor event venue, you want to keep accessibility for guests at the forefront of your mind. Here are a few questions to ask an event venue to ensure it is accessible for all guests:

  • How far away is the airport or public transit stop?
  • How far away are the nearest hotel accommodations?
  • What does the parking situation look like for guests?
  • How easily can guests get in and out of the venue?
  • Will this venue be able to make special accommodations for guests? Is it accessible to guests using a mobility device, are hard of hearing or blind?

Ease of Load-In at an Outdoor Venue

Ease of Load-In at an Outdoor Venue

Creating a successful event requires having the appropriate equipment in the proper place at the right time.

  • Is there a restriction on load-in and load-out times?
  • How difficult will it be for vendors to access the venue?

Outdoor Venue Rules

Each venue carries a unique set of rules and restrictions that you must follow. Assess whether these rules will affect the type of experience you are creating for your guests.

  • Are there food and beverage restrictions?
  • Does the venue require you to choose from a preferred vendor list?
  • Are there noise limitations?
  • What are the decor restrictions?
  • What is the venue’s cancelation policy?

Ease of Load in at an Outdoor Venue

Inclement Weather at an Outdoor Venue

 We get it — Texas weather means flip flops, rain boots, and Uggs all in the same week. Just like your outfit – an event venue should be prepared for unexpected weather.

  • If it is too hot will the venue provide enough shade, umbrellas, or coverage?
  • Can you bring heaters if the weather is cold?
  • If the weather becomes severe will there be an onsite alternative?

Privacy at an Outdoor Venue

In some cases, you will want to reserve the whole venue for your special event. In others, it may not be that big of a deal if the public still has access to your venue. You will want to determine this when planning your event.

  • Will the activities hosted throughout the event be disturbed if the venue is open to the public?
  • If the event is open to the public, will it impact the experience for guests?

Avoiding Disruption at an Outdoor Venue

An outdoor event venue can create a unique ambiance but could also have the potential for unwanted disruptions.

  • Who is the point of contact to resolve technical issues experienced the day of the event?
  • What background noise can be heard at the venue?

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